5 Interesting Facts About Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a notable young YouTuber, blogger and a social influencer whose blogs are generally about travel, makeup, and fashion. Born in Perth, Australia on 4th September 1990, and graduating from the University of Western Australia with a degree in Psychology and Japanese, she currently lives in Japan. Documenting her first trip to Japan in 2011 was the kick-off for her blog. It quickly gained attention from the public and once she realized its potential, she started blogging about popular cultures, fashion, travel, and makeup. With an increase in the viewers, she started to grow as a YouTuber and a prominent blogger with her interesting contents and had also got opportunities to work with top brands like Schwarzkopf, Amore Pacific, Etude House and many more. She has also been featured in various television shows and newspapers in Japan and Western Australia.

Want to know some interesting and surprising facts about her? Check them out right below!

  • Nativity

She’s an Australian. Since her parents are originally from Vietnam, she is a Vietnamese too in contrary to what people think of her as a Japanese or a Korean.

  • Pokémon! Gotta catch ’em all!

Kim Dao is a hardcore Pokémon player and has been playing it since she was 10 years old. She has a Pokémon PC with all 718 Pokemon! A real Pokémon obsession, right? She likes training her Pokemon for battle and has almost spent a notable amount of time of her life towards playing Pokémon.

  • Food

She loves to eat! Time is not a barrier for her to munch on her favorite food. She likes to have a second dinner at midnight and food is her company when she’s sad or bored. Italian Cuisine is on the top of her list of favorite cuisines and pasta is the one food she can keep eating on, for, like years! She dislikes seafood, particularly prawns, as she could not stand their smell and taste but has a preference towards raw fish in sushi. When you happen to meet her and if she is hungry, don’t talk to her until she’s got some food into her tummy as she loses her temper easily when she is hungry. She hates carbonated drinks and will be pretty happy with a glass of water instead. She has a craving towards cheese too.

  • Music

Kim Dao loves to play the piano and has been doing it for almost 13 years. She has won multiple awards for that too and had actually thought of joining music school for her love towards composing music. Since her parents felt science would be a good pathway for her career, she chose the University of Western Australia instead. But she doesn’t prefer listening to music as she feels it’s a bit distracting.

  • Misty, the Pomeranian

She has a Pomeranian named Misty who is 11 years old now. She sleeps with her at night and Kim likes to sleep with the lights on and tells people that Misty doesn’t like to sleep in dark instead! Such a cute dog girl duo!

What Are The Side Effects Of Having High Blood Sugar Level?

In strict medical terms, the sugar which is located in your blood is basically the amount of glucose which is present. The human body can actually maintain a certain level of blood glucose which is basically needed for the metabolism of the person. Having sugar in the body is not always a physiological disorder, but basically it is a part of the primary organs of the body. Yet, if it goes above a certain level, there are going to be a lot of physiological problems that can appear in the individual. Having an excessive amount of blood sugar level can definitely lay the foundation for people when it comes to getting severe disorders in their health. Having a very high blood sugar level can actually have numerous problems in the body, some of which include:

Before we get into the problems in detail, there is a helpful post that will show you the normal blood sugar levels for diabetic and non diabetic people, this way you can see the difference and get a better idea of where you need to be.

Lets get onto the problem:

  • Depressive immune system – When an individual has an excessive amount of blood glucose, it will be able to create a certain barrier between the immune system that the person might be susceptible to a lot of common diseases. The property of the immune system is to continue fighting on behalf of the individual in order to get rid of any kind of diseases. Well, the need for the vitamin C in the human body is well documented. However, with the increase in the level of blood sugar in the blood, there is going to be a disintegration of vitamins C in the normal body, thereby ensuring that it would not be able to help in the fight against diseases. The immune system shall remain affected, and it will go in a depressive state, not being able to tackle even the common diseases.
  • Autoimmune problems – The human body is capable of taking care of the autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, sclerosis and asthma. Yet, with the presence of excessive blood sugar, the resistance capability of the human body against such kind of diseases will be diminished. Not only will the autoimmune problems be flared up but having an excessive amount of sugar will also make a direct attack in the pancreas of the human body. If you get multiple sclerosis, or even allergies breaking out all of a sudden, then it is basically due to the excessive amount of buildup of blood sugar in the body.

Apart from these problems, there are also a lot of dangerous consequences like heart attacks which can happen due to the obesity accompanying the high blood glucose level.

3 Useful Preparation Tips To Capture Those Perfect Moments Of A Wedding

Weddings are probably the most important events in people’s lives. As a Wedding Photographer, the honor of capturing these moments on film is bestowed on you. You must, therefore, be thoroughly prepared with all the equipment you may need and have contingency plans as well. The bride and groom will certainly not be happy if you miss the moments because you were fumbling with your camera! So here are a few useful preparation tips that will help you capture those perfect moments of a wedding without any issues.

Have Enough Batteries:

Batteries are what keep the camera functioning. This is one of the most common mistakes that amateur wedding photographers make. They don’t carry enough batteries and chargers with them to the wedding. During the wedding, you can be sure that your camera will remain switched on all the time and this will drain the battery quickly. If you do not have 4-5 spare sets of batteries, you can be sure that at some point, you will run out of charge and spare batteries. Hence, the simplest thing you can do to help yourself during the wedding would be to carry 4-5 spare sets of batteries and at least two chargers. This will help you to keep recharging the batteries while you use the spares.

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Make Sure You Have Enough Memory:

Similar to batteries, you must have several memory sticks with you when you go for the wedding shoot. During the wedding, you simply will not have the time to go through the pictures and delete the ones that don’t look good. This means that you will quickly be running out of memory cards as you keep clicking away. Hence, be sure to carry at least 10 cards with high-speed memory. Also be sure to carry a laptop so that you can transfer the contents of used cards and free them up for future use.

Know the People at the Wedding:

Be sure to get to know the main bridesmaid and the best man at the wedding. They will be able to help you in recognizing all the important guests at the wedding. This will help you capture the important people at the important moments and not leave you clueless about whom to focus your camera on. Be sure to spend some time before the start of the ceremony to know these guests and how they’re related to the wedding couple. This will save you a lot of trouble later on.

The 3 Rarest Flowers In The World

There are over a million flowers in the World. Each of them has a unique appearance, color, fragrance, and of course, a purpose that it serves. Plants usually flower in order to produce fruits, seeds, and then eventually reproduce. The duration between the seasons when they bloom flowers varies from plant to plant. Smaller plants usually tend to flower every day whereas larger ones bloom once every week, every year, or in the case of some rare plants only once every few decades! This makes the sight of these flowers extremely rare. Let us now take a look at the 3 rarest flowers in the World.

Rafflesia arnoldii:

The Rafflesia is the largest single flower in the World. As seen in the picture, it can grow over 4 feet in diameter when fully bloomed. They are found only in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia in the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. This is a flower that blooms only once every 30-40 years. This makes it incredibly rare to sight and even more difficult to breed. Thus, the species is actually dwindling in its numbers and is now considered endangered by the World Wildlife Fund. The Indonesian Government is now encouraging people in who’s properties this flower has blossomed to charge a small fee and let people see it so as to increase awareness and also boost the local economy.

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The Kurinji is a type of orchid that is found in the mountains of South India and Sri Lanka. This orchid lines up the entire mountainside and stays green for years on end. Then, once every 12 years, all the plants come into bloom in unison. This makes the entire mountain and the valley change color from green to bright violet. It is an incredible sight and people from several countries throng to see it. Urbanization and lack of awareness about the magic of this plant are driving it to extinction and they remain only in a few areas where the Government has taken efforts to keep them safe.

Middlemist Red:

The Middlemist Red is a beautiful red flower that used to be in bloom in the Chinese countryside. In 1804, a British botanist Middlemist brought the flower to Britain and started raising them in his own nursery. Then, over the years, the plant died out in its original habitat in China and only the ones in Britain remain. There are but a few of these plants that remain in the World, making them incredibly rare.

How To Mount And Sight A Rifle Scope

Rifles are powerful weapons. They generate massive amounts of force that powers the bullet through the targets. This means that when the rifles produce that power, there will be a strong recoil on the rifle that makes it move back towards you. When you use a scope with the rifle, it is thus important to be aware of recoil and other factors. This is because the recoil might cause the scope to get flung away or hit your eye and thus end up hurting you. Let us now take a look at how you must mount your scope on your rifle and sight it.

Mounting a Scope:

The modern-day scopes come with built-in inner and outer rings that can be used to mount them on top of the rifle’s barrel. The rifles generally consist of mounting provisions but if it is not present by default, you can add those separately by using mounting clamps. Initially, remove and place the lower ring of the scope on the mounting clamp in the rifle. Then carefully lower the scope onto the clamp taking care to position the objective lens facing away from you. When done, place the outer ring on top of the scope and tighten it so that the scope rests firmly on the rifle’s barrel.

Make sure that you take the rifle up on your shoulder and check if the eye relief distance is more than the recommended values for your rifle. This will ensure that you don’t end up getting hit by the scope on your eyes during the rifle’s recoil. The following video explains the mounting process in detail.

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Sighting a Scope:

Sighting in a rifle’s scope is the process by which we make turret adjustments to the scope so that the bullet actually hits the point where the scope’s crosshairs point. Once the scope is properly mounted, we need to take the rifle to a shooting range to scope it. It is recommended to do the sighting at a distance of 100 yards. Place the rifle on a steady mount such as a gun stand or firmly wedged between two sandbags. This will ensure that the rifle remains in the same location between shots which is essential for sighting. First, look through the scope, point the rifle at the bullseye and shoot. The bullet will most likely hit somewhere to the side of the bullseye. Without moving the rifle, adjust the turret systems so that the scope’s crosshairs now point to the bullet hole that you just made. Now the rifle should be properly sighted. Refer the following video for step by step instructions.