What Are The Side Effects Of Having High Blood Sugar Level?

In strict medical terms, the sugar which is located in your blood is basically the amount of glucose which is present. The human body can actually maintain a certain level of blood glucose which is basically needed for the metabolism of the person. Having sugar in the body is not always a physiological disorder, but basically it is a part of the primary organs of the body. Yet, if it goes above a certain level, there are going to be a lot of physiological problems that can appear in the individual. Having an excessive amount of blood sugar level can definitely lay the foundation for people when it comes to getting severe disorders in their health. Having a very high blood sugar level can actually have numerous problems in the body, some of which include:

Before we get into the problems in detail, there is a helpful post that will show you the normal blood sugar levels for diabetic and non diabetic people, this way you can see the difference and get a better idea of where you need to be.

Lets get onto the problem:

  • Depressive immune system – When an individual has an excessive amount of blood glucose, it will be able to create a certain barrier between the immune system that the person might be susceptible to a lot of common diseases. The property of the immune system is to continue fighting on behalf of the individual in order to get rid of any kind of diseases. Well, the need for the vitamin C in the human body is well documented. However, with the increase in the level of blood sugar in the blood, there is going to be a disintegration of vitamins C in the normal body, thereby ensuring that it would not be able to help in the fight against diseases. The immune system shall remain affected, and it will go in a depressive state, not being able to tackle even the common diseases.
  • Autoimmune problems – The human body is capable of taking care of the autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, sclerosis and asthma. Yet, with the presence of excessive blood sugar, the resistance capability of the human body against such kind of diseases will be diminished. Not only will the autoimmune problems be flared up but having an excessive amount of sugar will also make a direct attack in the pancreas of the human body. If you get multiple sclerosis, or even allergies breaking out all of a sudden, then it is basically due to the excessive amount of buildup of blood sugar in the body.

Apart from these problems, there are also a lot of dangerous consequences like heart attacks which can happen due to the obesity accompanying the high blood glucose level.

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