The 3 Rarest Flowers In The World

There are over a million flowers in the World. Each of them has a unique appearance, color, fragrance, and of course, a purpose that it serves. Plants usually flower in order to produce fruits, seeds, and then eventually reproduce. The duration between the seasons when they bloom flowers varies from plant to plant. Smaller plants usually tend to flower every day whereas larger ones bloom once every week, every year, or in the case of some rare plants only once every few decades! This makes the sight of these flowers extremely rare. Let us now take a look at the 3 rarest flowers in the World.

Rafflesia arnoldii:

The Rafflesia is the largest single flower in the World. As seen in the picture, it can grow over 4 feet in diameter when fully bloomed. They are found only in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia in the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. This is a flower that blooms only once every 30-40 years. This makes it incredibly rare to sight and even more difficult to breed. Thus, the species is actually dwindling in its numbers and is now considered endangered by the World Wildlife Fund. The Indonesian Government is now encouraging people in who’s properties this flower has blossomed to charge a small fee and let people see it so as to increase awareness and also boost the local economy.

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The Kurinji is a type of orchid that is found in the mountains of South India and Sri Lanka. This orchid lines up the entire mountainside and stays green for years on end. Then, once every 12 years, all the plants come into bloom in unison. This makes the entire mountain and the valley change color from green to bright violet. It is an incredible sight and people from several countries throng to see it. Urbanization and lack of awareness about the magic of this plant are driving it to extinction and they remain only in a few areas where the Government has taken efforts to keep them safe.

Middlemist Red:

The Middlemist Red is a beautiful red flower that used to be in bloom in the Chinese countryside. In 1804, a British botanist Middlemist brought the flower to Britain and started raising them in his own nursery. Then, over the years, the plant died out in its original habitat in China and only the ones in Britain remain. There are but a few of these plants that remain in the World, making them incredibly rare.

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