How To Mount And Sight A Rifle Scope

Rifles are powerful weapons. They generate massive amounts of force that powers the bullet through the targets. This means that when the rifles produce that power, there will be a strong recoil on the rifle that makes it move back towards you. When you use a scope with the rifle, it is thus important to be aware of recoil and other factors. This is because the recoil might cause the scope to get flung away or hit your eye and thus end up hurting you. Let us now take a look at how you must mount your scope on your rifle and sight it.

Mounting a Scope:

The modern-day¬†scopes come with built-in¬†inner and outer rings that can be used to mount them on top of the rifle’s barrel. The rifles generally consist of mounting provisions but if it is not present by default, you can add those separately by using mounting clamps. Initially, remove and place the lower ring of the scope on the mounting clamp in the rifle. Then carefully lower the scope onto the clamp taking care to position the objective lens facing away from you. When done, place the outer ring on top of the scope and tighten it so that the scope rests firmly on the rifle’s barrel.

Make sure that you take the rifle up on your shoulder and check if the eye relief distance is more than the recommended values for your rifle. This will ensure that you don’t end up getting hit by the scope on your eyes during the rifle’s recoil. The following video explains the mounting process in detail.

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Sighting a Scope:

Sighting in a rifle’s scope is the process by which we make turret adjustments to the scope so that the bullet actually hits the point where the scope’s crosshairs point. Once the scope is properly mounted, we need to take the rifle to a shooting range to scope it. It is recommended to do the sighting at a distance of 100 yards. Place the rifle on a steady mount such as a gun stand or firmly wedged between two sandbags. This will ensure that the rifle remains in the same location between shots which is essential for sighting. First, look through the scope, point the rifle at the bullseye and shoot. The bullet will most likely hit somewhere to the side of the bullseye. Without moving the rifle, adjust the turret systems so that the scope’s crosshairs now point to the bullet hole that you just made. Now the rifle should be properly sighted. Refer the following video for step by step instructions.

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