5 Interesting Facts About Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a notable young YouTuber, blogger and a social influencer whose blogs are generally about travel, makeup, and fashion. Born in Perth, Australia on 4th September 1990, and graduating from the University of Western Australia with a degree in Psychology and Japanese, she currently lives in Japan. Documenting her first trip to Japan in 2011 was the kick-off for her blog. It quickly gained attention from the public and once she realized its potential, she started blogging about popular cultures, fashion, travel, and makeup. With an increase in the viewers, she started to grow as a YouTuber and a prominent blogger with her interesting contents and had also got opportunities to work with top brands like Schwarzkopf, Amore Pacific, Etude House and many more. She has also been featured in various television shows and newspapers in Japan and Western Australia.

Want to know some interesting and surprising facts about her? Check them out right below!

  • Nativity

She’s an Australian. Since her parents are originally from Vietnam, she is a Vietnamese too in contrary to what people think of her as a Japanese or a Korean.

  • Pokémon! Gotta catch ’em all!

Kim Dao is a hardcore Pokémon player and has been playing it since she was 10 years old. She has a Pokémon PC with all 718 Pokemon! A real Pokémon obsession, right? She likes training her Pokemon for battle and has almost spent a notable amount of time of her life towards playing Pokémon.

  • Food

She loves to eat! Time is not a barrier for her to munch on her favorite food. She likes to have a second dinner at midnight and food is her company when she’s sad or bored. Italian Cuisine is on the top of her list of favorite cuisines and pasta is the one food she can keep eating on, for, like years! She dislikes seafood, particularly prawns, as she could not stand their smell and taste but has a preference towards raw fish in sushi. When you happen to meet her and if she is hungry, don’t talk to her until she’s got some food into her tummy as she loses her temper easily when she is hungry. She hates carbonated drinks and will be pretty happy with a glass of water instead. She has a craving towards cheese too.

  • Music

Kim Dao loves to play the piano and has been doing it for almost 13 years. She has won multiple awards for that too and had actually thought of joining music school for her love towards composing music. Since her parents felt science would be a good pathway for her career, she chose the University of Western Australia instead. But she doesn’t prefer listening to music as she feels it’s a bit distracting.

  • Misty, the Pomeranian

She has a Pomeranian named Misty who is 11 years old now. She sleeps with her at night and Kim likes to sleep with the lights on and tells people that Misty doesn’t like to sleep in dark instead! Such a cute dog girl duo!

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