3 Useful Preparation Tips To Capture Those Perfect Moments Of A Wedding

Weddings are probably the most important events in people’s lives. As a Wedding Photographer, the honor of capturing these moments on film is bestowed on you. You must, therefore, be thoroughly prepared with all the equipment you may need and have contingency plans as well. The bride and groom will certainly not be happy if you miss the moments because you were fumbling with your camera! So here are a few useful preparation tips that will help you capture those perfect moments of a wedding without any issues.

Have Enough Batteries:

Batteries are what keep the camera functioning. This is one of the most common mistakes that amateur wedding photographers make. They don’t carry enough batteries and chargers with them to the wedding. During the wedding, you can be sure that your camera will remain switched on all the time and this will drain the battery quickly. If you do not have 4-5 spare sets of batteries, you can be sure that at some point, you will run out of charge and spare batteries. Hence, the simplest thing you can do to help yourself during the wedding would be to carry 4-5 spare sets of batteries and at least two chargers. This will help you to keep recharging the batteries while you use the spares.

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Make Sure You Have Enough Memory:

Similar to batteries, you must have several memory sticks with you when you go for the wedding shoot. During the wedding, you simply will not have the time to go through the pictures and delete the ones that don’t look good. This means that you will quickly be running out of memory cards as you keep clicking away. Hence, be sure to carry at least 10 cards with high-speed memory. Also be sure to carry a laptop so that you can transfer the contents of used cards and free them up for future use.

Know the People at the Wedding:

Be sure to get to know the main bridesmaid and the best man at the wedding. They will be able to help you in recognizing all the important guests at the wedding. This will help you capture the important people at the important moments and not leave you clueless about whom to focus your camera on. Be sure to spend some time before the start of the ceremony to know these guests and how they’re related to the wedding couple. This will save you a lot of trouble later on.

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